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My trusted partners are an essential part of my success

Didier Cuche

Didier & Kjus. 
Uncompromising performance.

Didier Cuche

Didier perfectly embodies the uncompromising philosophy of KJUS. He is not only a world-class skier with great charisma – he has an extraordinary personality marked by passion and determination. KJUS is proud to have him on our team as an ambassador and test skier. He brings his years of professional experience to help develop the KJUS product collections. Always in search of the perfect line during his racing career, he will put KJUS products to the test as our brand ambassador.

Didier & HEAD. 
A true asset for Switzerland and for HEAD.

Didier Cuche

Didier Cuche has delighted the ski nation of Switzerland for years with his tremendous performance, his victories and medals. Truly a model athlete, he was and is consistently reliable. Obviously, it is a pleasure to outfit such a great athlete. But it is not only his many successes that make us at HEAD so proud and grateful. Didier Cuche is a wonderful team player: professional, accessible, emotional, helpful, and kind.


He always pushes us forward; with his valuable input he ensures that our products keep getting better. With his sense of humor, love of life, and enthusiasm, he enchants us even off the slopes and away from the cameras and spotlights. So now we would like to thank him heartily for all these experiences and emotions. And we look forward to forging ahead together with Didier Cuche. He is a true asset for Switzerland – and for HEAD.

Didier & Audi. 
Inspiring with precision and technology.

The partnership between Audi Switzerland and Didier Cuche has existed for more than 20 years and speaks of an impressive history of success. This partnership embodies our shared values of sustainability, performance, precision, and technological edge. We are proud to be able to inspire Didier, a sport icon and true celebrity, as an ambassador for the innovative brand with the four rings. Didier always moves with the times, and since August 2019 he has been driving the fully-electric Audi e-tron, as e-mobility is a passion Didier shares with us.


Didier & UYN. 
Inspiring with precision and technology.

UYN outfits Didier Cuche with its underwear and sock collection, including the high-performance Natyon line – personalized with the colors of Switzerland. And thus Didier Cuche will represent the UYN brand on the ski slopes and at the most important events of the winter season. "We are very proud of our collaboration with such a tremendous athlete, who has written the history of skiing," explains Giuseppe Bovo, Brand Manager of UYN. "His amazing career and extraordinary success are in harmony with our brand image. His experience at the elite level will be an essential part of the future development of UYN's new products."

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