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Do you have a question (*) or a suggestion?
We look forward to reading from you. 

*NO RESPONSE TO THESE QUESTIONS: Due to the large number of inquiries we receive, please understand that we cannot answer all of them. We reserve the right to only respond to requests that are clearly written and do not require any research on our part. In addition, and generally speaking, we do not answer inquiries regarding the following: invitations to private meetings; video messages for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries; questionnaires and interview requests for Matura and other school assignments; invitations to festive speeches and private parties.

Thank you

AUTOGRAPHS: Please send an addressed and appropriately stamped envelope (at least size C5) to: 


Didier Cuche

c/o Marti Management &

Consulting AG

Neuhofstrasse 5A

CH-6340 Baar

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