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Meine Erfolge

haben ein neues Gesicht.

My trusted partners are an essential part of my success


Didier & HEAD. 
A true asset for Switzerland and for HEAD.

Didier Cuche

Didier Cuche has delighted the ski nation of Switzerland for years with his tremendous performance, his victories and medals. Truly a model athlete, he was and is consistently reliable. Obviously, it is a pleasure to outfit such a great athlete. But it is not only his many successes that make us at HEAD so proud and grateful. Didier Cuche is a wonderful team player: professional, accessible, emotional, helpful, and kind.


He always pushes us forward; with his valuable input he ensures that our products keep getting better. With his sense of humor, love of life, and enthusiasm, he enchants us even off the slopes and away from the cameras and spotlights. So now we would like to thank him heartily for all these experiences and emotions. And we look forward to forging ahead together with Didier Cuche. He is a true asset for Switzerland – and for HEAD.

Didier & Audi. 
Powered together.

The partnership between Audi Switzerland and Didier Cuche has existed for more than 20 years and speaks of an impressive history of success. Since then, Audi and Didier have driven over 1 million kilometers together. The shared values of sustainability, athleticism, precision and advancement through technology are the hallmarks of this special partnership. We are proud to be able to inspire Didier, a swiss sport icon and true celebrity, as an ambassador for the innovative brand with the four rings. Didier shares his passion for e-mobility and progressiveness with us and is on the road in an exclusively electric mode.


An expert for our sportswear.

With HEAD Ski, this exceptional athlete has already won major titles and made the famous ski flip his trademark after his successful races. From now on, he will also wear ski clothing by HEAD and act as a brand ambassador and expert for HEAD Sportswear. Roman Stepek, VP global HEAD Sportswear, is looking forward to this new collaboration: "We have always admired Didier Cuche for his ambition and perfectionism - how he consistently worked on his technique and never gave up, always racing without making any compromises. These are all qualities that we at HEAD Sportswear also put into the development of our collections day after day, to create high-performance and unique products. We are looking forward to our future together!"

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